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Kaukora Oy is one of the leading manufacturers of HVAC equipment in Finland

Jäspi brand and model of the jama is made for more than 60 years. There is nearly 2 million items of heating equipment. Jäspi VLM 300 is the most famous heater in Finland which is installed in every second
private home.

Jäspi products are manufactured in the factories in Turku and Turku confirmed the high quality equipment of the Finnish key flag symbol.

What is the best heating system for home? This question has no single correct answer. For each object must be individually find the best solution. Kaukora Oy strive to always listen and fully understand customer needs and to be a reliable and constructive partner.

The wide range includes:

  • electric water heaters and indirect heating 15 - 10000 l
  • boilers 13 – 1600 kW
  • boilers diesel / gas 17 – 450 kW
  • solid fuel (wood, coal, pellets) boilers from 20 to 40 kW
  • combination boilers (wood, coal, diesel, gas, electr.) 20 – 35 kW
  • heat accumulators and tanks, cold 50 – 10000 l
  • heat pumps geothermal 5 – 60 kW (in cascade up to 540 kW) and air-water 6 – 20 kW (in cascade up to 140 kW)
  • recovery systems based on heat pumps for houses and industrial facilities
  • equipment for solar energy
  • heat points 20/60 kW
  • hybrid system and special heating equipment

Core value for clients and partners: energy efficient, reliable, and most durable product (the average lifespan of 20 – 25 years) with minimal costs for operation and maintenance.

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