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Engineering Corporation IMI plc – is the manufacturer of
high quality thermostatic equipment, and Pneumatex installation.  

Three companies within engineering Corporation IMI plc TA, Heimeier and Pneumatex, now operate under one brand – IMI Hydronic Engineering. Each company contributes to the common cause your individual irreplaceable contributions – TA – hydronic balancing, Heimeier – thermostatic equipment, and Pneumatex installation to maintain pressure and water quality. All together, this allows us to offer solutions of the highest level of reliability, all components of which fully complement each other.

IMI Hydronic Engineering is the only manufacturer in the world, offering the widest selection of high quality United of accessories that meet any customer requirements. These multifunction devices have an unbeatable price/productivity, and their reliability and long life meets the traditional high standard IMI. IMI Hydronic Engineering optimizes the efficiency of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems using a full range of innovative solutions and equipment of the highest quality.

A comprehensive solution IMI Hydronic Engineering:

  • Everything You need to maintain a stable pressure and water quality in heating systems, air conditioning systems, as well as to ensure the supply of drinking water;
  • Wide range of equipment for hydronic balancing of heating and air conditioning systems, including balancing valves, measuring instruments, computer programs for calculation of heat loss;
  • A full range of products for thermostatic regulation: thermostatic heads, valves, electronic room thermostats – all that guarantees efficient and precise regulation of room temperature.

IMI Hydronic Engineering creates engineering advantage for all customers and all parts of the system. By integrating a deep understanding of the industry, where its clients operate, and the life cycle of the project, the company is more than just a supplier. The company is a partner that has all the know–how to create so efficient HVAC systems as possible.

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