About the Company

Onninen means packaged supply of utility equipment

Our history dates back more than a century in Finland. We’ve managed to build various processes and today we can offer truly packaged designed supplies.

We can fulfill any engineering needs in construction, industrial development, housing and utility complexes, and commercial organizations.

We supply equipment for heating, water-supply, drainage, ventilation, electricity supply systems, and telecommunications.

Moreover, we offer service packages in logistics, selecting a range of products, and finance services.

Onninen Shop

We carry on business in eight countries, such as Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Our broad sales geography is at your service


Today Onninen is 3,200 employees with the total turnover being more than 1,5 bln euros.

First comes compliance with obligations towards our partners and the society.

In the 21st century Onninen continues working paying special attention to our clients’ expectations, diversification, internationalization and new concepts of performance of service as it has always been in our company.

Environmental Policy

We do care about the environment and support our partners in their choice of ecologically rational solutions.

Nature conservation laws lie at the core of our eco-management certified according to ISO 14001.

Clean Baltic Sea

We don’t just brag about the environmental care but take an active part as well. For example, our company supports the project " Clean Baltic Sea» which is carried out by John Nurminen Foundation.

«Clean Baltic Sea» fights for improving the ecological situation of the Baltic Sea. The projects about fighting the weediness of waters are focused on decreasing the amount of phosphorus in waste water especially in waste treatment facilities in Saint-Petersburg and in the Republic of Belarus.

Reporting concerns and instances of non-compliance via the SpeakUp reporting channel

As part a part of KESKO Group’s building and technical trade division, we follow the K Code of Conduct principles.

If there is a difficult situation or detect behavior that violates the Code of Conduct, every business partner can request assistance from a contact person at the company where needed and to immediately report to them any worries or detected violations.

It the options do not meet the needs, please give feedback confidentially via the SpeakUp reporting channel.

Certificate ISO 14001

What’s So Special about Onninen?

The strategic aim is making our clients competitive by creating efficient commodity flow and information traffic.

Everyone in Russia deserves service of high quality based on simple and well-known values:

  • reliability,
  • teamwork,
  • constant improvement,
  • proactiveness.

We are always glad when we can share our fruit of labour with everybody. We create manufacturing industry and infrastructure for our society. We are truly proud of this fact.

Our awards deserve special attention

Discover how, due to the enterprise of one man, it all began!

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